How it works

Having tax problems can be a nightmare. The IRS comes after you for everything you have, your bank accounts are in danger of getting levied and your credit is in ruins. And on top of it all, it’s hard to know where to turn for help. That's where we come in.

How It Works

At the kind firm, we will tell you what the outcome of your case will be, BEFORE you sign up for tax relief. That way, you can decide if this process is right for you. No more guessing or hoping for a good settlement. Now, you will know exactly what programs you qualify for. Let me give you a briefly explanation of our process


Investigation & Protection

We conduct a profound interview with you, second, we establish communication with the IRS to negotiate holds on your account to avoid levies & liens) and to find out what programs you qualify for.



During the relief phase – we will work under the clock to meet the IRS requirements And to keep the IRS from communicating with your employer, levy your bank accounts or place liens.



During the resolution phase, we will file all your back taxes, work on financials, communicate with your revenue officer frequently and start working on a game plan to place you on a qualified program


Compliance phase

During this phase we will submit the packages to the IRS and negotiate to place you on that program.

Compliance phase


No more IRS harassment. As part of the TKF Family, you are granted discounts for future services such as tax prep, bookkeeping and other services.

Compliance phase

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