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From Tax experts and lawyers to surfing and meditation, every single one of our team members enjoy a life filled with fun outside of our regular duty to you. Here is a little bit about us and how we cater our expertise for your well being.

About Our Company

The Kind Firm is a tax management company composed of a team of tax attorneys and licensed enrolled agents. We negotiate tax debt cases for both individuals and business. Our goal is to protect you from any abusive collection actions by the IRS or state agencies and we have a variety of strategies and programs to ensure your tax issues are resolved on the most favorable terms possible.

Once you become a client of TKF, you can rest easy knowing a knowledgeable team of tax attorneys is working on your case. We handle all contact with the IRS and ensure you are protected from levies and liens. We review your tax accounts to make sure your balances are correct and all possible deductions have been taken. We prepare a financial analysis to make sure that any settlement with the IRS is negotiated in your favor. We explore all avenues to ensure our cases our resolved in the most favorable way possible.

Every taxpayer is different, and so is every tax case. Whether you experienced a difficult life event that left your finances in a mess, or you simply fell behind on your taxes, we will find a solution for you.

How Can We Help You?


    Catch up tax returns

    If you are new to TKF and have un-filed returns, Our team can get you caught up in no time.We are able to file all your missing returns in a short Period of time and we are able to request information from previous Years such as Account Transcripts, Wages & income, etc


    Qualification of program

    Know which program you qualify for before hiring us to handle your tax relief case


    24/7 support

    License to work nationwide. We are available 24/7 365 days!


    TKF Guarantee

    We never recommend our services if we do not think we are a good fit for you.

    To guarantee compatibility, we will perform an investigation to find the program you qualify for before hiring us for tax relief.


    Employee background checks

    Every TKF employee goes through a rigorous screening process, Including multiple interviews and a criminal record check. You can feel secure with TKF on your team.


Meet Our Professional Team

Enrolled Agent

Tanya Hernandez

Tanya Hernandez has over 10 years of experience with tax preparation and tax resolution. Tanya has worked with clients on project-oriented engagements to provide resolution services and potential tax savings results. In this role, she is required to have an excellent depth of tax knowledge and experience working on specialized engagements and to identify tax savings opportunities for his clients. Tanya’s responsibilities include a focus on income, corporate, and employment tax resolution progr

Licensed Tax Specialist

Rick Tanner

Rick Tanner's Industries: Truckers, Real Estate, Small Business, Entrepreneur Startups, Entertainment, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Education, 1031 Exchange, FBAR. Rick Growing up with a fondness for numbers, At an early age of 15 he became fascinated and started his first accounting job at Scottie Brothers Records in Los Angeles, CA. in the accounting department under Michael Banks. His tax knowledge and attention to detail are crucial to ensuring a smooth process. Rick’s d

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